Supplier Quality Requirements

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6.1. SQR-1 Supplier Quality System Requirements

6.1.1. The supplier’s quality system, as a minimum, should comply with the requirements as stated in the latest version of ISO-9001. If a Supplier is not ISO certified, the Quality Manager may review the suppliers quality system using information provided through audits and surveys and make the decision to qualify them accordingly.

6.2. SQR-2 Right-Of-Entry Requirements

6.2.1. By acceptance of this purchase order, the subcontractor grants to Virtium, its customer, their customer and/or applicable regulatory agency, the right-of-entry for the purpose of examining work, materials, and records to insure conformance to contractual requirements.

6.2.2. The supplier shall flow down this requirement to their sub-tiers.

6.3. SQR-3 Process Approval Requirements

6.3.1. The process specification(s) indicated on our purchase order requires prior approval of your facility by our customer.

6.3.2. Notify our Purchasing Department immediately if you are not an approved supplier or if there has been a change in your approval status.

6.4. SQR-4 Inspection Reporting Requirements

6.4.1. The supplier shall furnish a copy of the completed final acceptance dimensional inspection report, along with actual measurement data and Quality Control acceptance stamps/buyoff evidence, for each shipment of each item listed on this purchase order.

6.5. SQR-5 Certificate of Conformance Requirements

6.5.1. The supplier shall furnish a Certificate of Conformance (C of C) with each shipment for each item listed on the purchase order.

6.5.2. As a minimum, the CofC shall include the following information: The Virtium purchase order number. Virtium part number. A reference to all applicable specifications as listed on P.O. or drawings. Quantity of items shipped. Name and address of manufacturer/processor. Date of Certification. The statement: “WE HEREBY CERTIFY THAT ALL MATERIALS FURNISHED CONFORM TO ALL DRAWINGS, SPECIFICATIONS, PROCESSES, AND/OR OTHER REQUIREMENTS AS STATED ON THE ABOVE REFERENCED PURCHASE ORDER.” (Reasonable variations of this statement are acceptable as long as the content concurs.)

6.6. SQR-6 Chemical and Physical Test Report Requirements

6.6.1. The supplier shall furnish a copy of a certified test report with each shipment for each item listed on this purchase order.

6.6.2. As a minimum, the test report shall include the following information: A certified copy of the actual producing company’s test report, or A certified copy of an accredited laboratory’s test report, or A certified copy of the distributor’s test report. These test reports must contain the following: The name of the producing company. The material specification and revision level. The raw material heat/lot number. The actual quantitative results of all lot acceptance testing as required by the raw material specification (i.e. – chemical, physical, and metallurgical). The ORIGINAL signature of an authorized mill, laboratory, or distributor representative.

6.7. SQR-7 Mandatory Virtium Approval of Supplier Changes Requirements

6.7.1. When specified on individual Purchase Orders, Virtium requires the supplier to notify Virtium of any changes to supplier’s product, processes or services.

6.8. SQR-8 Supplier Flow-Down of Requirements to Sub-Tiers Requirements

6.8.1. When specified on individual Purchase Orders, Virtium requires the supplier to flow down to sub-tier suppliers, the applicable requirements in the Purchase Order, including any key characteristics.

6.9. SQR-9 Non-Conforming Documentation Requirements

6.9.1. Any deviation to Virtium’s requirements set forth in the Purchase Order shall be documented and submitted to Virtium for disposition prior to product shipment from the supplier’s facility.

6.10. SQR-10 Subcontracting/Transfer of Work Requirements

6.10.1. The supplier is prohibited from subcontracting or transferring any portion of the work to be performed in the performance of this contract, without written Virtium buyer authorization.

6.11. SQR-11 Records Requirements

6.11.1. The supplier shall maintain records of manufacturing, inspection, testing and traceability used in the performance of this contract.

6.11.2. Records shall be maintained, in the appropriate medium, for a period not less than 7 years after the completion of this contract and VTI will be consulted prior to disposition.

6.12. SQR-12 Virtium Source Inspection Requirements

6.12.1. Upon completion of the order and prior to shipment, notify Virtium’s Purchasing Department so that arrangements can be made for a Quality Representative from Virtium to visit your facility and perform a source inspection.

6.13. SQR-13 First Article Approval Requirements

6.13.1. A written acceptance by Virtium Corporation of the first article produced or processed against this purchase order is required.

6.13.2. The supplier must furnish to Virtium a first article ITEM for approval, along with a completed first article inspection dimensional acceptance report and all necessary verifiable certifications and test reports required by this purchase order – prior to the commencement of any further production.

6.14. SQR-14 Virtium Furnished Materials Requirements

6.14.1. Items manufactured under this purchase order agreement shall be fabricated from Virtium furnished material intended for the completion of this order only.

6.14.2. The supplier shall not substitute, rework, or dispose of Virtium furnished material in any way, except as allowed for or instructed to do so in writing.

6.14.3. Unused material must remain properly identified and returned with the last shipment of fabricated parts, unless instructed otherwise.

6.15. SQR-15 Special Process Approval Requirements

6.15.1. Special process suppliers are responsible for compliance to the applicable specifications.

6.16. SQR-16 Calibration Requirements

6.16.1. The metrology subcontractor shall provide and maintain a calibration system that meets at least one of the following requirements, as currently amended, in the performance of this contract. MIL-STD-45662A “Calibration System Requirements” ISO 10012-1 “Quality Assurance Requirements for Measuring Equipment” ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 “American National standard for Calibration”

6.17. SQR-17  Code of Ethics Requirements 

6.17.1  Supplier is required to conduct its business ethically, with respect for laws, communities and human rights. This is a requirement that applies to all officers and employees, subcontractors, suppliers, competitors and all governments foreign and domestic.

6.17.2  Supplier must engage only in good faith and fair dealing; avoids conflicts of interest and encourages group-level problem solving when or if conflicts arise; does not misuse confidential or proprietary information and follows careful procedures for the protection of such information; forbids the use of company assets—financial, physical or otherwise—in a manner that inures to the personal benefit of any officer or employee; does not engage in bribery, solicitation, collusion or other improper negotiations with any agency, regulatory or governing body, or other branch of any domestic or foreign government, including any bureaucrat, agent, or individual a part thereof.

6.18. SQR-18 Conflict Mineral Sourcing Requirements

6.18.1  All materials must comply with CMRT standard requirements

6.18.2  All materials must comply with RoHS, WEEE and REACH requirements

6.19. SQR-19 Environmental Requirements

6.19.1 Supplier must be compliant to ISO14001 standard requirements.

6.19.2  If a Supplier is not ISO14001 certified, the Quality Manager may review the supplier’s environmental management system using information provided through audits and surveys and make the decision to qualify them accordingly.

6.20 SQR-20 Counterfeit Prevention Program

6.20.1 Supplier must have a documented Counterfeit Prevention Program in place to prevent exposure and use of unauthorized counterfeit parts.

6.21 SQR-21   Suppliers’ Employee Contribution

6.21.1    Supplier will ensure that employees and people working on its behalf are aware of:

    • Their contribution to product or service conformity
    • Their contribution to product safety
    • The importance of ethical behavior
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