Equipment for transportation applications are inherently subject to extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, and high humidity. This equipment include simple data loggers, GPS / geo-location and navigation, rugged PCs, in-vehicle control, monitoring, diagnostics and a wide range of architectures and software.

IFE / Avionics

As industrial flash storage continues to evolve into more compact embedded technology, In-Flight-Entertainment (IFE) has emerged as the most impactful luxury accommodation in the commercial airline industry. To differentiate themselves from their competition, airline companies have placed a greater focus on offering more diverse and engaging forms of customer-facing media. IFE now offers new movie releases, legacy videogames, and even high-speed streaming and web-browsing services

The seamless delivery of these forms of entertainment rely heavily on the robust industrial grade SSDs that store them. To better meet the extreme environmental conditions imposed by commercial aviation, Virtium has developed a diverse range of industrial temperature rated, shock resistant, ruggedized SSDs.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (commonly known as Drones) have become more popular in both industrial and consumer applications. Over the past few decades, use of UAVs have continued to progress and now have applications in the following industries:

  • security
  • agriculture
  • climate/atmospheric monitoring
  • seismic/meteorological data collection
  • photography

For the most reliable, hot-swappable and removeable data storage devices available, look no further than Virtium’s industrial temperature rated, shock resistant, ruggedized SSDs.


Modern Railway systems employ a combination of industrial IoT technologies, such as in-vehicle-computing capabilities, fleet-tracking tools, telematic control units, motion-sensing devices, and incident-recording surveillance systems; All of these applications rely entirely on the availability of on-board, high-density, secure-storage modules.

Virtium develops uniquely compact industrial grade memory and hardware encrypted SSDs, designed specifically to enable Railway system designers and operators to realize greater flexibility in their production and utilization of industrial IoT technologies


Commercial and industrial automotive applications have seen a marked shift in the features they can offer customers, especially in the complexity of the embedded computer systems required to support them. While GPS and navigation systems have been a standard option for several years, the most recent innovation of semi-autonomous driving requires storage systems with extremely low latency and high performance in the smallest package available.

Due to the harsh environments that both commercial and industrial motor vehicles are expected to endure, the embedded computer systems that support these new demanding features must also be resistant to high temperatures, as well as to shock and vibration. Virtium’s product portfolio includes customized features such as conformal coating and underfill for industrial temperature storage and memory devices.


Whether it is designed for military or commercial purposes, embedded computing systems face no harsher environment than in maritime applications. In addition to the need for shock and vibration resistance, solid state drives are expected to be completely sealed to prevent damage from inundation or submersion of the device.

Virtium offers a range of customizations to combat these challenges. Some of these options include encasing drives in an acrylic layer of conformal coating, injecting underfill between the embedded chips of an SSD and its printed circuit board, and employing a ruggedized connector with sturdier contact pins and additional shielding.

Other Transportation

A common theme among transportation related applications is the demand for high-speed, ruggedized, industrial temperature rated embedded computing systems. Thus, when choosing suitable volatile and non-volatile memory devices, system designers often consider high-density and low-power storage solutions along with the complexity of the controls and communications systems.

To meet the needs of system designers and their businesses, Virtium offers the highest degree of customization for both SSDs and DRAM products to meet the rigorous requirements of industrial transportation applications.

Case Study: In-Flight EntertainmentVideo: Industrial SSDs – Transportation – Rail and Roadway

Integrated Storage and Memory Solutions for the Transportation Industry 

The transportation industry covers a wide range of individual market segments, including air services, shipping firms, railroads, ocean freight haulers, trucking, and companies indirectly related to transportation, such as supply-chain management firms and logistics-services providers.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence, machine learning, new technology and a steady stream of innovations, the transportation industry is also drawing new market players and creating a broader spectrum of services, new business models, and increasing customer expectations.

Global transportation — encompassing train, ship, truck and air transport — is seeing dramatic breakthroughs both in technology and automation. This industry requires reliable, high-performance, cost-effective on-board edge-computing systems, including storage and memory components.

The performance of the edge computer solutions must be optimized for rapid transfer, low latency, reliable and high-endurance storage and solid protection against loss from power failure. Additionally,  these systems must also operate in the harsh environments like humidity,  extreme temperatures, shock, altitude and vibration. The ability to meet those challenges are the value propositions Virtium brings to the transportation industry, through its industrial-grade solid-state storage and memory solutions.

Virtium leverages powerful ARM- and X86-based processor platforms in the form of system-on-modules and single-board computers and worked with its partners supporting transportation technology to pre-qualify and validate its memory and storage solutions for that industry.

Virtium’s industrial-grade StorFly M.2 SATA and 2.5-inch SATA SSDs, DDR4 memory modules and StorKit SSD software are “design ready” for computer-on-module boards developed around NXP i.MX and Intel Xeon processors, creating bundled solutions that emphasize speed, connectivity, efficiency, and data security for the transportation applications.