Ground Based

In combat conditions that range over large areas, the delineating factor between victory and defeat is determined by the speed by which tactical information can reach ground-based units. Military communications systems deployed in the field must meet low-latency and high-performance requirements and be extremely portable and energy efficient.

Virtium develops the most compact, high-speed DRAM products available, tailored specifically for life-saving applications including ground-based communication systems


The advanced cockpit systems of modern Military aircrafts are responsible for controlling an incredibly diverse number of combat and information gathering features. With so many demanding data-logging and relaying responsibilities, the embedded computing systems inside these aircrafts require vast amounts of storage space, with all of the security and environmentally focused customizations that are expected for defense applications.

Virtium’s ruggedized 2.5” SATA SSDs enable defense system designers to utilize the most compatible high-density form factor and interface for data storage


Mission critical computing systems designed for Space travel require redundant hardware that can operate seamlessly in the rare event of an electrical failure. Due to the impossibility of servicing satellite systems that have been launched into low earth orbit, system architects employ advanced health-monitoring tools to verify the integrity of the SSDs their systems run on.

Virtium’s SSDs support both RAID 0 and RAID 1 methods for ensuring redundancy, as well as Linux and Windows compatible tools that enable system operators to monitor the signal integrity and health of their SSD.


As with all Defense related applications, the embedded computing systems that control modern surveillance, communications, and weapons technologies are held to highest standards of security (both physically and virtually), longevity (in terms of endurance and product life-cycle), and high-performance in extreme environmental conditions.

Virtium’s Military focused XR Product line includes AES 256-bit hardware based encryption as a standard feature, supports software based encrypted authentication, and enables system operators to securely erase all sensitive information from their Virtium SSDs with a single press of a button.

Integrated Storage and Memory Solutions for the Military and Defense Market

With the advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and computing processing power, military and defense weapon systems are continuously undergoing rapid digitalization and automation, leading to ever-growing demands for smarter, more robust and higher-performance systems. Additionally, these systems have to maintain fully functional, deterministic processing in harsh environmental factors like humidity,  extreme temperatures, shock, altitude, and vibration.

All of the Defense segments require a variety of computing solutions, including storage and memory components. The performance of the hardware solutions must be optimized for rapid data transfer, low latency, data reliable, secure storage and solid protection against loss from power failure.

Special technologies to protect data, such as FIPS 140-2 cryptography, and to destroy (erase) data quickly by hardware and software exist today. Beyond how data is handled, these systems must also operate at low power and fit within space constraints. Virtium meets these demanding requirements for military and defense applications with its industrial-grade, extra-rugged solid-state storage and memory solutions.

Virtium solutions – including the company’s XR (for extra-rugged) line of StorFly SSDs and DDR4 memory modules — are matched with powerful ARM and X86-based processors to form system-on-modules and single-board computers.

Virtium customers have integrated Intel Xeon- and NXP i.MX-based CoMs with Virtium industrial-grade StorFly M.2 SATA and 2.5-inch SATA drives, memory modules and StorKit SSD software, to create bundled solutions emphasizing speed, connectivity, efficiency, and data security for the military and defense applications.