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We believe in helping our customers through the design process. Virtium offers an assigned team of dedicated engineers, FAEs and program managers that work collaboratively to provide real-time review of industry trends and “best choice” designs for specific projects. Our team adds value and streamlines the design process through:

  • Comprehensive pre-design simulation, thermal analysis, system design timing analysis with the use of Cadence and SiSoft tool sets
  • Fast response to special feature and custom design requests
  • Custom testing capabilities that meet unique requirements
  • Convergence design between memory and SSD storage
  • Our assurance to be “First In” and “Last Out” with solutions for the duration of a customer’s project
  • The ability to help focus on future designs by offering excellent technical support to customer’s design and business development teams
  • Superior “Quick turn” response to design layout and prototype support through provision of: Concept specifications, mechanical drawings, product specs. and evaluation units.

In addition, Virtium maintains strong partnerships with leading chip set manufacturers that allow us early access to validate and design with next-generation form factors. This enables us to deliver design options based on multiple suppliers for increased design flexibility that also protects customers from supply chain shortages. We understand our customers’ cost constraints, and source whenever possible the most reasonably-priced, but highest-quality components when creating our SSD storage and memory solutions