StorKit Industrial SSD Software

Easily evaluate, deploy, and manage industrial SSDs in embedded systems

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StorKit® Industrial SSD Software simplifies the complexity of integrating SSDs into your industrial embedded designs.

StorKit’s intuitive interface helps you understand and use SSD features without reading cumbersome protocol standards.


vtView captures and analyzes the effects that live workloads have on SSD endurance in order to more accurately predict their true lifespan, schedule predictive maintenance and create custom alerts.

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vtSecure enables engineers to both implement and verify the functionality of SSD security features without requiring an in-depth understanding of the protocols and programming sequences behind them.

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vtTools includes software modules for designing testing and diagnostic procedures within embedded systems.

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Use our knowledgebase to access these resources

Evaluating an industrial SSD in an embedded system is a complicated task. StorKit simplifies the task with software processes tailored for industrial embedded SSDs.

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Our StorKit API enables you to create custom production tools and diagnostics,

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Debug and diagnostics are important in an embedded system. We understand this and provide software to assist you with this task. And we make it safe for you.

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Debug and diagnostics are critical in an embedded system. StorKit's debug and diagnostics features ensure data safety during these processes.

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Why Use StorKit?

Integrating an industrial SSD into an embedded system requires:

  • research to select the right hardware
  • integrating that hardware into the design
  • conducting physical/electrical tests to verify the design
  • creating software based production tools to support critical features.

This is no simple task – sometimes requiring multiple engineers with extensive experience to achieve success.

Companies with limited engineering resources may find themselves unable to devote the necessary man-hours required to fully evaluate all features of an SSD, which is precisely why Virtium developed StorKit software, knowledgebase, and API.

StorKit’s API and source code saves you time and enables you to develop software to test, diagnose, and debug SSDs with a few lines of Embedded Linux code.

By abstracting the complexities of the OS system storage access protocol into the StorKit API, you can build one software solution that works with multiple storage types and operating systems, including Embedded Linux.

Supported Hardware and Operating Systems

StorKit software supports USB, SATA, and NVMe SSD storage. StorKit is available forWindows, Linux, and Embedded Linux operating systems.






Embedded Linux

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