1.8" SATA

Industrial SSDs

StorFly® 1.8″ SATA industrial SSDs deliver an optimal solid-state storage solution for embedded and industrial systems that may require a high-reliability replacement to hard-to-find 1.8” HDDs. StorFly 18 SSDs are also smaller, thinner, ejectable alternatives to 2.5″ SATA SSDs that provide the benefit of enhanced serviceability without the need for a hot-swap carrier. At a 5mm thickness, StorFly 1.8″ SSDs are ideal for 1U server and blade applications where airflow and cooling are high priorities.


StorFly 1.8″ SSDs are ideal for industrial automation, networking, server, blade and medical applications that require high performance in a form factor only 5mm high.  They are ideal as replacements for hard-to-find 1.8” HDDs and can be used in lieu of 2.5” for easy hot swapping and service. StorFly 1.8″ SSDs are also used in many military and ruggedized portable computers.


  • Standard and industrial temperature
  • vtGuard Power-Fail Protection
  • StorKit Industrial Software accessible
  • Global static and dynamic wear leveling

Quick Specs.

Interface: SATA


Capacities: 30GB to 960GB

Voltage / Power:  3.3v / 1.7W

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Form Factor

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Form Factor (click image to enlarge):