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Virtium’s technology team is continuously innovating new storage and memory technologies for embedded systems. We have over thirty patents in various stages of approval, including seven that have been granted so far.  Whether it is achieving high density in small form factors by using component stacking or protecting user and system data during power failure, Virtium’s research and development team is constantly striving to provide embedded systems OEMs with products that increase system performance and reliability.

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Patent # Title
8,784,125 Side retainer assembly for heat sink and memory modules
8,124,4507,786,563 Stacking multiple devices using single-piece interconnecting element
8,090,988 Saving information to flash memory during power failure
8,028,404; 7,762,818 Multi-function module
7,167,373 Stacking multiple devices using flexible circuit
6,566,610 Stacking multiple devices using direct soldering



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