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Virtium at IoT DevCon – June 5-6, Santa Clara, CA

Virtium will be exhibiting and presenting at the Internet of Things Developers Conference, at the Santa Clara, CA Convention Center.  We’ll showcase our full line of industrial-grade solid-state storage and memory products. Additionally, Hiep Pham, Virtium vice...

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Zeroing Out Data Risk

It’s been said, ominously, that no stored data is entirely safe, regardless of the latest advancements in security technology. That’s a disheartening notion, especially when one considers the huge investments made in attaining, processing, storing and protecting...

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One-Point-Eight Still Great!

1.8-inch SSDs Still Viable in the Industrial Embedded Space Storage device form factors come and go – remember hearing “Wow! How’d they do that?!” at the dawn of 3.5-inch drives? – but some have more staying power than others.  This holds particularly true in the...

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Virtium Wins Top Spot in ECN IMPACT Awards

Data can never be too secure; if crucial information isn’t sufficiently protected, the consequences can be severe, if not fatal to an organization. That unassailable truth is affirmed again and again by Virtium customers who’ve designed secure, intelligent storage...

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3D-NAND: Landing Soon in the IIoT Space

There's a major buzz these days surrounding 3D-NAND, which is heading toward the Industrial IIoT space. The buzz isn't just because of its potential to dramatically boost SSD capacities, but also because it represents a breakthrough in storage. Imagine stacking NAND...

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