Life at Virtium

At Virtium, we encourage everyone to release their creative genius. See how our innovation and actions come together to support not just our company growth, but improve our interconnected world to make lives better. At Virtium, we make the impossible possible.

Virtium Core Values

At Virtium, we believe our company’s core values shape the way we do everything. Our company culture is how we implement those values. It elevates Virtium’s business decisions and differentiates us from our peers. Our culture evolves and adapts, as it must, but Virtium’s cultural cornerstone consists of our team members with uncompromising values of:


At Virtium, all our teams interact with trust and honesty. We are self-aware that building trusting relationships with our internal and external customers, while accepting full responsibility for all business results, enables Virtium employees to ethically interact and engage in a professional manner and style.


We are a culture of pioneering innovators that consistently strive to deliver useful, novel technology at an accelerated pace.  We are focused self-starters that tackle the toughest challenges while questioning accepted norms. We take great ideas and transform them to most creative solutions to improve our customer’s products.


Above all, at Virtium we are a family. We contribute our time and skills to our team member’s projects. We break down information silos and feel close enough with each other to ask for help when needed, understanding that cross-team engagement is fundamental to delivering innovative products and an enhanced customer experience.


Accountability is all about ownership. We say what we’ll do and do what we say. We clearly define what success will look like and take full responsibility for all outcomes, both good and bad. We don’t blame others if things don’t go well, knowing that we are continually learning, growing and adapting in a supportive team culture.


Everyday we are imagining new possibilities and creative solutions that we can do. Our team is constantly thinking of ways to challenge, innovate, and strive to achieve excellence not only in our products, services and performance, but also in ways to effectively compete and outperform our industry rivals.

Meet Our People


Customer Service

Working at Virtium is very rewarding, especially with the knowledge that our parts have helped fight Covid-19 through their medical applications. When friends and family ask what I do, I like to say I’m helping save the world through customer service



Director, Sales Operations

I’m on the production line and every month the VP of Sales tells us in detail how the month went and how we made it possible. Here at Virtium, I know that I matter.



Director of IT

I have been at Virtium almost 2 years and I am passionate about how IT services have enabled Virtium to be competitive and grow as a company. Virtium’s employees are hardworking, positive, respectful, team-focused, and I enjoy working at Virtium. Looking forward to being a part of taking Virtium to the next level.



Application Engineer

In the past three years, Virtium has given me every opportunity to grow. Everyone helps each other out and teaches one another so we can make the best product possible. Everyday I come in looking forward to learning something new.



Sr. Field Appplications Engineer

I have been with Virtium less than a year.  In the time I have been at Virtium, I have been very impressed with the Virtium and its employee’s desire to delight customers with its dedication to serving them.  I look forward to supporting Virtium in its mission to delight customers.  I believe this is a key component in forming long-term partnerships between Virtium and its customers.



Sr. Program Manager

In my eighteen years working at Virtium, communication and compassion keep co-workers and customers long term relationship



Director, Field Application Engineer

I’ve been in a field applications role since 1998 and prior to that worked in design services. This background has exposed me to many customers in many different industries. It never gets boring helping align customers with solutions that fit their diverse requirements. I’ve always considered myself to be a part of their team in finding the best solution to their problems. Working for Virtium allows me to work closely with customers and our internal engineering teams to solve customers needs. It’s satisfying to help put a solid solution together as a team.



Data Science Team Lead, Vietnam

Great management team, awesome vibe, and a really great opportunity to grow and learn in the tech industry.


Master Yoda

Country Manager, Japan

Based on over 30 years of experience in the data storage market, I listen sincerely to all requirements and aim for the success of each customer by giving first priority to building Mutual-Trust relationship through the provision of industry leading first-class services and products.

-“We” must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind –

Master “YODA”




Virtium empowers me to apply 20 years plus of manufacturing accounting experience in an unparalleled culture that fosters teamwork and continually strives towards excellence.