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Case Study: SSD Solutions for Industrial Automation

Virtium solves time-critical industrial automation launch


A multinational industrial automation device manufacturer had an important deadline to meet their equipment launch date.

They needed to solve a problem in their system, and their current supplier were not readily available to support. They also needed a low-capacity storage solution that would match their product warranty period.


Virtium provided in its StorFly XE-class 2.5-inch drop-in replacement. The VSFB25XC060G met the needed warranty, but the customer was on a tight deadline and needed to meet the product launch date. Virtium, sent their team of engineers and solved the problems on the spot.

Virtium made a commitment to provide the customer a reliable working solution. Since the customer could not make the change in their design, Virtium offered to buy the same motherboard used by the customer to test and verified that each product shipped met their requirements.

Once the fix was test proven, Virtium locked the BOM and was able to offer its customers a properly functioning and reliable SSD solution.


By relying on Virtium , this industrial device manufacture was able to meet the product launch date. Furthermore, Viritum’s XE class of SSD ensured the long-life warranty required by the customers.

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