Article: KB-033

Below is a collection of tests that will help you evaluate an SSD. Visit our StorKit API and vtTools pages for more details and information about how to integrate with your test environment.

Power Circuit Test

Trigger a condition that will cause maximum power consumption on the SSD. You can specify the duration to keep the SSD in this condition.

This test is used with your system test. For example, you want to trigger maximum power condition and see how long your power circuit can hold up at a specific temperature condition (-40°C or 85°C).

Command syntax

  • live mode executes the read-only operation.
  • production mode executes both read and write operations. It will destroy data on the SSD.
  • the software will run until you stop it.


vtTestCmd.exe power-consumption –run –mode live \\.\PhysicalDevice#

vtTestCmd.exe power-consumption –run –mode production \\.\PhysicalDevice#

where \\.\PhysicalDevice# is \\.\PhysicalDevice1, \\.\PhysicalDevice2, etc.


./vtTestCmd power-consumption –run –mode live /dev/sd#

./vtTestCmd power-consumption –run –mode production /dev/sd#

where /dev/sd# is /dev/sda, or /dev/sdb, etc.

Data Integrity Test

There are many applications to test data integrity. This feature of vtTestCmd does not replace those applications, but can be used to enhance them.

vtTestCmd enable you to bypass the file system and write to the SSD directly. It is useful to debug and test SSD issues.

vtTestCmd can also write unique patterns to the SSD sequentially or randomly, then verify the data later on.

This feature is particularly useful for the following tests:

  • Test sudden power loss
  • Test data retention
  • Write data, turn the power off, then verify the data later.
  • Firmware wear-leveling

Command syntax

vtTestCmd workload


vtTestCmd.exe workload


./vtTestCmd workload

Quick Benchmark Test

This is a simple and quick way to measure SSD response times in your system. The command is a point to start and more detailed measuring can be done with the StorKit API.

Command syntax

vtTestCmd benchmark


vtTestCmd.exe benchmark


./vtTestCmd benchmark