Solutions that span the industrial-embedded spectrum

Virtium provides industrial-grade solid state storage and memory solutions that meet the unique requirements of the industry segments listed below.

  • Data protection against unexpected power loss

  • Industrial temperature support (-40ºC to 85ºC)

  • Balanced sequential and random read/write

  • ESD, vibration and humidity resistance

  • Low power / long product life

  • Wide range of capacities
  • Multiple interfaces and form factors
  • Legacy support
  • 99.9% uptime
  • ROHS and REACH compliance



Communications equipment continues to experience exponential increases in demand for data while simultaneously maintaining quality of service, reducing total power consumption, and increasing the return-on-investment on a bit-transfer basis. Implementations include: base stations, DSLAMs, PBX systems, multi-service gateways and remote access servers

Case Study: Replacing EOL CF with Virtium TuffDrive CF


Networking applications represent the “last mile” of IT data/content. They continue to require quality of service/experience, a reduction in total power consumption and return-on-investment. Implementations include: switches and routers, supervisor and mezzanine cards firewall and VPN equipment and small cell networks.

Case Study: TuffDrive eUSB for Server Boot and Memory Dump

Case Study: High Capacity mSATA SSD for IP Router

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation environments are diverse yet share common requirements – with regard to form-factor, legacy support and endurance. Implementations include: large production plants, industrial PCs, factory automation/robotics, kiosks, ATMs, terminals, process control units and data loggers.

Video: Durable SSDs for Industrial Automation

Case Study: SSD Solutions for Industrial Automation


The Energy segment is subjected to electro-static discharge (ESD), extreme temperatures and high humidity. Urban sprawl means more demands on energy grids so the backbone systems require efficient uninterrupted operation and high durability. Implementations include: substation control, monitoring/diagnostics, data loggers, smart grid controllers and distribution systems.


Transportation (land, water, air and space) applications are inherently subjected to extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, and high humidity. Implementations include: simple data loggers, GPS / geo-location and navigation, rugged PCs, in-vehicle control, monitoring, diagnostics and a wide range of architectures and software.

Case Study: In-Flight Entertainment

Video: Industrial SSDs – Transportation – Rail and Roadway


Medical applications are increasing in complexity and moving closer to the patient. This requires low-power, low-latency solutions at low costs. Implementations include: therapeutic devices, medical imaging, patient diagnostics, measurement and monitoring equipment.

 Case Study: SSD Solutions for Medical Devices

Video and Surveillance

Professional media companies range from high-performance HD video capture to broadcast video serving surveillance and digital signage applications. Some devices require heavy write performance (data capture) – others require high read performance (video serving). Implementations include: professional video capture/editing, broadcast, ad terminals, indoor/outdoor multimedia signage, casino gaming and surveillance/security.

Case Study: Video Production – Recording 8K