Simplify evaluation, use and testing of SSD security features.

vtSecure makes it easier to understand the security protocol and programming sequence in storage specifications such as ATA/SATA, by walking you through step-by-step protocol and providing specific actions at each stage. If you need to implement security features in your design,
see the Security Delegate module in the StorKit API page.

The picture below provides essential information about the software.

The Status window provides the device’s live state, whether a security feature is supported and enabled.

The Instructions window explains the feature and the ATA security protocol. It provides the instruction and actions to take based on the state of the security protocol and the device’s state. It saves you time reading the ATA security protocol, which is very complex to comprehend.

The Actions window is the action to send to the device. The software will provide advice if the action is destructive to the data on the device.

Use the vtSecureCmd command line from the API for easy integration with Python and other scripting languages.

How it Works


Contact us for special software if your design includes ARM CPU or Embedded Linux, we have software available.

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