Easily analyze SSD health and life span in your embedded systems.

StorKit’s vtView module enables you to monitor SSD health and life span. SSD life span depends on workload and usage.
It is essential to observe how a change in live workloads affect SSD lifespan and can reduce SSD life to below its warranty.


Software Design Tools

Analyze and select the right SSD (such as SLC, MLC, or TLC) for your design. Estimate how long the SSD will last in your system.

In-system Monitoring

Concerned about SSD life span in a live system? vtView’s in-system monitoring can integrate into your designs. Contact us for a demo.

Calculate Endurance

Calculate and estimate an SSD’s life span by using our formulas and insight to increase endurance – enabling you to optimize your software applications for maximum effiicency.

vtView API

Build your monitoring application quickly using the vtView API. Or build your test scripts easily with existing vtView command-line software. vtView source code is available for complete control of your software.


Contact us for special software if your design includes ARM CPU or Embedded Linux, we have software available.

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