vtTools includes software modules for designing, testing and diagnostic procedures within embedded systems.

StorKit’s vtTools module provides a few foundation software modules that our customers can build upon for their tests and diagnostics within their embedded system. The vtTools module provides access to storage device without going through the file system. It enables the user to develop test applications that would be hard to implement if the file system were in between.

Some examples of these applications are listed here:

  • Storage latency test: Test that requires direct access to storage and no cache
  • In-system component quick diagnostic: Performs storage diagnostic without fear of corrupt data, or performs storage test in production environment
  • Data integrity test in case of sudden power off: This test is to check the storage capability to protect data integrity in case of sudden power loss. This module enables users to isolate the file system to perform this test during system development or debugging. This module also provides functions to simplify this test.

The following is a list of supported functions:

Function Description Availability
Base Plus
Foundation to Develop Performance Tests The Foundation Delegates help you develop performance tests in your embedded systems quickly and with minimum coding. N N
Performance Test: Latency Test for consistent latency response from the SSD. If your system requires a consistent response time from the SSD, this test will help you learn the characteristic of the SSD in term of response time consistency. N N
Foundation to Develop Data Integrity Test The Foundation Delegates help you develop data integrity tests in your embedded system quickly and with minimal coding. N N
Read Write Test Direct Read-Write test on the SSD (raw data read and write). This test enables you to write and read from SSD by specifying the LBA and length.   Note: If your storage is the operating disk, the raw data write to the SSD may corrupt the OS system, thereby making it unusable. N N
Save Current State of the SSD This function saves the current Identified Device and SMART data to a file. File name is generated automatically to include the part number and serial number of the SSD.   In your production environment, if you want to save the conditions of your products before shipping, this function helps you to develop the tool to do this with minimal code written. N N
Compare Features and Settings In your production environment, if you develop a tool to check for consistencies in features and settings of the SSD for every shipment, this function will assist you in accomplishing your goal with minimal code written. N N
Perform Interface Communication Diagnostic Perform interface test and record status for analysis.   Some diagnostic tests will cause read-only-condition on the SSD, hence, it can be used in live system. Virtium provides these functions for your convenience, but please review carefully and accept our indemnification and license agreement before use. Some diagnostic tests will cause reads and writes to the SSD, hence, the data on the SSD will be changed. These functions are provided for your engineering test environment only. N
Create Maximum Power Consumption Condition Trigger a condition that will cause maximum power consumption on the SSD. You can specify the duration to keep the SSD in this condition.   This test is used with your system test. For example, you want to trigger maximum power condition and see how long your power circuit can hold up at a specific temperature condition (-40°C or 85°C). N
Foundation functions to assist with testing data integrity in case of sudden power loss Foundation functions that help you to developing software to test SSD data integrity for the case of sudden power loss and right-in the system. Sudden power loss test is hard to do with the interference of the file system. StorKit provides functions that by-pass the file system, making it possible and easier for you to develop this kind of test. N


  • Ready to use software application and module for your production environment
  • Simply and quickly develop storage tests and evaluation of an embedded environment
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