Industrial SSDs

StorFly® CFexpress PCIe Gen 4.0 Removable NVMe SSDs enable sealed, industrial-grade solid-state storage in applications requiring both the flexibility of compact, removable media and the high performance of NVMe.

Additionally, the new CFexpress SSDs are resistant to environmental factors that can compromise the drives and their data, and feature Industrial Temperatures (I-Temp) support that ensures consistent operation between -40°C to 85°C.

The low-power (sub 3-watt) CFexpress SSDs are ideally suited to industrial-embedded applications that demand data-storage removability in order to offload captured data. Those applications include military/aerospace mission recorders, professional video, and surveillance-recording systems.

The drives’ sealed, ruggedized design makes them ideal for environments prone to high electrostatic discharge, dust, dirt, shock, and vibration – all common in cold, dry outdoor industrial-embedded deployments. Those same durability features also benefit factory floors, where StorFly CFexpress SSDs can be used in programmable logic controller or other human-machine interface applications.

Quick Specs.

Interface: NVMe


Capacities: 512GB to 1TB

Voltage / Power:  5v / 1.7W

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  • Digital and High Resolution cameras
  • Industrial Automation
  • Autonomous Mobile Robotic
  • Robotic Assisted Surgery
  • ATM / Kiosk
  • Test Measurement Equipment
  • Casino Game Console


  • Removability to easily offload captured data
  • High-performance NVMe protocol, leveraging PCI Express 4.0
  • I-Temp support for extreme environments
  • Power and thermal management for optimal performance
  • Sealed, ruggedized design to resist naturally occurring threats
  • 3D NAND tri-level-cell flash memory for cost efficiency
  • vtGuard® power-fail protection against unexpected power loss
  • Integrated technology, supporting AES encryption and crypto-erase sanitization
  • 5-plus-year product availability with locked bill-of-materials and advanced PCN notification
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