Industrial Memory

DDR SDRAM was the follow-on technology to SDRAM and is the predecessor to subsequent generations of DDR2 and DDR3. DDR provides a lower voltage level and higher data transfer compared to SDRAM. The voltage level is reduced from 3.30 volts to 2.50 volts and the memory module provides a data transfer on both transitions of the clock signal. This produces more data transfers for a given clock speed, but with the drawback of increased latency.

Virtium supports industrial DDR modules in a wide range of configurations and features that are available in 184 and 200 pin DIMM and 200 pin SODIMM form factors.

Quick Specs.

Form Factors: DIMM, SODIMM and Mini-DIMM

Height: Standard, VLP and Blade VLP

Capacities: 256MB to 4GB

Voltage:  2.5v

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