Industrial Memory

Virtium’s DRAM memory modules are designed to meet mission-critical, extreme temperatures, high-reliability and long life requirements for the most demanding embedded designs. Our extensive engineering expertise enables us to deliver small-form-factor memory in the highest density, lowest profile and smallest form factors possible. Virtium has applied patented design and component stacking techniques to improve system reliability and increase MTBF.

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Virtium also offers advanced small form factor ruggedized features such as thermal heat spreaders, conformal coating, thermal sensors and under fill.  This technology enables our memory modules to withstand the industrial temperature, shock and vibration requirements of many embedded systems.


Industrial DDR5 Memory Modules from Virtium – Supporting Industrial Temperatures and Highest Reliability for High Performance Mission Critical Applications. Virtium Industrial DDR5 memory modules are available in…


Industrial Memory
As one of the first manufacturers to offer industrial DDR4 memory, Virtium enables embedded industrial OEM customers early test and development access to the lower power, high…


Industrial Memory
Virtium Industrial DDR3 memory modules are available in densities up to 32GB in a variety of form factors and heights. Virtium DDR3 modules deliver higher memory bandwidth and…


Industrial Memory
Industrial DDR2 SDRAM improvements over first gen. DDR included: reduced clock speed resulting in higher bus speed. Operating voltage was reduced from 2.5 volts to 1.8 volts to reduce…


Industrial Memory
DDR SDRAM was the follow-on technology to SDRAM and is the predecessor to subsequent generations of DDR2 and DDR3. DDR provides a lower voltage level and higher data transfer compared to SDRAM. The voltage level is reduced from…


Industrial Memory
SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) became a JEDEC standard in 1993, and became the dominant memory interface by the year 2000. SDRAM was targeted at the 66 MHz and 100 MHz bus speeds available on PC motherboards at…

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