StorKit’s vtSecure module provides storage security features in your systems without the need to understand the details of security protocol and programming sequence in storage specification such as ATA/SATA. Most of the work required to control storage security is done for you. You specify setup security, secured erase, sanitize, setup TCG OPAL and vtSecure handles most of the protocol work.

vtSecure includes the following modules:

vtSecure Base

This module provides users the ability to use storage security features in their systems without the need to understand the details of the security protocol and sequence in a storage specification such as the ATA/SATA. The security protocol in the ATA specification is complex and time consuming. The StorKit delegate enables you to use the security features using but a few lines of code.


vtSecure Mil

This module provides the interface for users to interact with Military Erase features implemented in Virtium’s SSDs. It is available with an NDA and SSD with military erase features.



  • vtSecure makes it simple to use the SSD’s security features in-line with your code. You only need to write a few lines of code and the vtSecure API does the rest. The API supports the setup password, enable security, secured erase, sanitize and TCG OPAL revert.


  • The ATA/SATA security specification is complex to read and understand. Engineers at Virtium have taken the steps to reduce the complexity and implemented in StorKit reducing the amount of code required for your application. This saves you time and resources in understanding the ATA/SATA specifications to develop SSD security.