Not Your Father’s Transportation Technology

Transportation technology isn’t what it used to be; it draws on the latest advances in compute processing, networking and data storage. This is especially true when it comes to rail and roadway transportation systems that rely on advanced technology that collects, processes and stores crucial data – and does so securely. Those transportation-focused systems’ applications span a broad range, including in-vehicle computing, fleet tracking, telematics, control units, motion sensing and detection, equipment monitoring, and video surveillance.

Such applications are typically deployed remotely – often in harsh environments in which shock, vibration and extreme temperatures are the norm — so high-endurance, industrial-grade SSDs are needed to store data securely. Moreover, because they constantly collect, store and update data, they must have life cycles well beyond off-the-shelf, consumer-grade SSDs.

Virtium industrial SSDs are designed and manufactured for just such challenges. Featuring drives with interfaces and form factors ideal for industrial applications, they’re made to withstand vibration of up to 20G’s and shock to 3,000G’s, and feature power-fail protection and other durability options such as ruggedized conformal coating. This results in bolstered SSD integrity in demanding transportation applications. We test each drive for sustained operability in industrial temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 85°C. These design, manufacturing and test processes yield an industry-leading 10-plus-year lifecycle for Virtium industrial SSDs.

And while SSD durability and longevity are essential to the transportation industry, they only tell part of the story. The data the drives store are useful only if they’re protected and accessible when needed. Virtium ensures that protection and ready accessibility through security options such as data encryption based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), acknowledged as the de facto security standard for the U.S. government. The 256-bit key size of AES256, for example, delivers a remarkable 1.1 x 1077 number of possible combinations. So, SSDs with crucial transportation data somehow falling into the wrong hands, therefore, would be of little use.

How Virtium SSDs provide secure, safe, transportation-ready storage solutions are illustrated in a pair of recent case studies.

One Virtium customer needed an industrial-grade, USB-based solid-state storage solution capable of storing transportationdata for the equivalent of up to 40 years. Virtium’s well-established USB SSD line, quickly met that customer’s technical and timeframe requirements. That customer achieved several design wins within large municipalities’ transportation systems using the highly durable Virtium USB SSDs.

Another example of Virtium’s success in transportation-data storage addresses the risk and consequences of power failure. One customer’s design requirement called for an extra layer power-fail protection. The combination of Virtium’s high-durability SSDs and vtGuard® power-fail protection was the only solution to pass the customers stringent power-fail tests and was therefore selected for its transportation applications.

Data-centric transportation systems might not be what they used to be, but with highly durable and secure solid-state storage, they’re absolutely what they should be.