Zeroing Out Data Risk

Zero3It’s been said, ominously, that no stored data is entirely safe, regardless of the latest advancements in security technology. That’s a disheartening notion, especially when one considers the huge investments made in attaining, processing, storing and protecting crucial data.  And with the explosive growth of Industrial IoT, making investments in IIoT security and protecting machine-to-machine data is more important than ever – it’s data that organizations simply can’t afford to lose.  So, mostly safe isn’t safe enough, and the imperative is to strive towards a zero-data-at-risk environment throughout the entire IIoT ecosystem.

IIoT systems, therefore, need to take a holistic approach to design.  Instead of focusing on facilitating simple commands between IIoT devices, the system-design process must place the highest priorities on certain key values to ensure IIoT end-points are successfully deployed securely in hard-to-reach and harsh edge environments.  These values include: extended life endurance, security, connectivity, remote manageability and most importantly, zero-data-at-risk.

Virtium VP of R&D Hiep Pham was asked to go deeper on this subject in a recent Q&A with Embedded Systems Engineering magazine, in which he notes that intelligent, secure storage with continuous, reliable data logging is central to maintaining zero-data-at-risk. Read it here.