CompactFlash Lives!

tuffdrive-cf_194x163We all remember those CompactFlash (CF) cards that came with our digital cameras.  Well, in the industrial-embedded world, CF storage is a whole different animal.  Rugged, industrial-grade CF is still a perfect format for many industrial-embedded applications, across all of the segments we support.  Its protective packaging and connectors are ideal for both fixed and removable storage applications.  There are still many active industrial products with CF storage out there – especially in the networking and communications segments.  While these embedded products will remain solid for years to come, some require CF replacements while others benefit from program upgrades that require more CF capacity.

Virtium remains committed to supporting such legacy products long after other competitors have let similar products go end-of-life.  In the case of one of our customers in the networking space, Virtium met its needs by providing 128GB SLC TuffDrive® CF cards.  We are unaware of any other industrial-embedded storage manufacture that currently supplies this higher-capacity, best-in-class configuration.

If your CF-based embedded design is still in circulation, Virtium’s CF products are still here and still being improved to help that design live on.