Look to Virtium for Extended Product Life Cycle Support

roadends-300x225Long-term product availability and support are critical requirements in many industrial applications, especially for OEMs that supply to other end customers.  Recently, some embedded storage manufacturers have either left the market, been acquired by other companies or have abruptly sent end-of-life notices to their customers.  Their business models may no longer support niche markets or certain product lines and it is in their best interest to end-of-life these products quickly to support their other business objectives.  This oftentimes is not in their customers’ best interest.

Conversely, Virtium strives to better accommodate customers by providing longer term life cycle support that is well above the industry standard.  At Virtium, we pride ourselves at being “first in” with new technology and “last out” with regard to product support.  We understand that many embedded designs live long past current technology trends and that ongoing availability often gives an added competitive advantage for our customers.

Virtium’s agility as a smaller company enables us to support the long-term memory and storage requirements of these designs – resulting in substantial cost savings through lower total-cost-of-ownership and greater efficiencies for our customers.

Virtium also offers a long list of cross-references to competitor products that have exited the market.  Contact us today to learn more.