16GB VLP DDR4 RDIMM Fills Networking Manufacture’s Unique Needs

serversVirtium’s latest memory module innovation enables major networking blade server manufacture realize their new low-profile design.

A major networking blade server design customer needed 16GB DDR4 memory modules for one of their new security blade server designs – and they needed them to fit into a very tight, low-profile area.

Normally, this would require 18 8Gb chips on each side of the module. Unfortunately, these chips are still in prototype phase and their industry release would not coincide with the customer’s immediate need. Also, there was no visibility on the cost of these chips and if they would meet the customer’s design budget.

Virtium took the challenge and designed/built a two-row double-sided design that enabled the use of 36 cost-effective, readily available 4Gb memory chips.

To meet the very low-profile (VLP) requirement, precision chip placement was crucial. This is where Virtium’s nearly two-decades of design innovation came in handy. Chip placement was so precise that the two-row layout actually looked like a single row of larger chips. Once the design was in place, Virtium was able to further improve the offering by fully automating the manufacturing process.

The result was a unique, high-density memory module that met the customer’s industrial-grade design, cost and timeline requirements. This solid 16GB DDR4 VLP RDIMM design enabled the customer to build a compact blade server product that could accommodate up to 128GB of total memory on a single blade server.

The high-availability chips and automated manufacturing process ensured a cost-effective solution and no delays in the modules supplied to the customer. Virtium’s first-to-market memory module design enabled their customer to be first-to-market with their design as well.