DDR4 DIMM Memory Module Power Calculator

MMPC-grab-3-300x175With the migration of DDR3 memory modules to DDR4, industrial embedded designers face a new challenge of supplying a new proper 2.5V voltage pump externally to the DDR4 DIMM socket – compared to that voltage being generated within the DRAM itself with DDR3. The right voltage and current are critical. It must be clean and if the current is too weak or voltage off-spec, the module may not initialize correctly causing failure during system boot up.

Memory manufactures supply the specs needed to calculate these proper voltages, but Virtium took it a step further and built a power calculator designers can use to get proper voltage and current requirements for designs using DDR4 memory modules.

Virtium’s DDR4 DIMM Memory Power Calculator provides a numerical approximation on the power consumption needed to energize and refresh memory modules.

The result is a fast, accurate way to get the proper voltage requirements to achieve the most efficient embedded designs possible.

You can download Virtium’s DIMM Memory Power Calculator in Excel format here.