New DDR4 Mini-RDIMM – Mini-UDIMM Modules

Virtium’s latest DDR4 Mini-RDIMM and Mini-UDIMM Memory Modules based on JEDEC standards, will be available early Q2 2015. Like all Virtium products, these new memory modules are built upon the company’s two decades of design innovation and US manufacturing expertise, along with the latest functional and form-factor improvements.

These memory modules work for a variety of industrial embedded computer applications.  They will be available in both 30mm standard and 17.78mm ultra-low-profile (ULP) form factors. ULP is perfect for space–constrained applications such as 1U or blade server designs.

Features include:

  • Standard and industrial temperatures
  • Operating voltage at 1.2V resulting in 20% less power consumed compared to DDR3
  • 5-year warranty
  • Enhanced reliability options such as: conformal coating, chip under-fill, thermal sensors and heat spreaders.

Virtium’s new DDR4 Mini-RDIMM and Mini-UDIMM’s – industrial technology for our interconnected world.