StorFly®-IES  Intelligent External Storage for Industrial-IoT is durable SSD storage hardware and integrated technology suite, that analyzes, manages and protects critical data in Industrial IoT edge applications.

StorFly-IES fits many industry applications including: communications, networking, energy, transportation, industrial automation, medical and more.

With StorFly-IES:

  • Efficiencies are improved through advanced data handling, software defined storage, and simplified deployment.
  • Costs are reduced through remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and storage optimization.
  • Value is enhanced through scalable and customizable architecture and end-to-end data security protection.

StorFly-IES improves industrial IoT ecosystems, provides end-to-end data security and reduced cost.

Contact us now to learn more on how StorFly-IES can be tailored for your industrial IoT edge storage applications.

StorFly-IES Hardware

StorFly-IES’ hardware is built under the strict guidelines and for the extreme durability Virtium is known for. Case packaging can be customized by request. Base specifications are:

  • Capacity: 1TB
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, USB2/3
  • Data rate: up to 1Gbps
  • Life: 10 years at 800GB per day
  • Operating temp: -40ºC to 85Cº
  • Input power: 5-24VDC


StorFly-IES Technology Suite

StorFly-IES’ comprehensive technology suite currently includes:




Virtium’s builit-in vtSecure provides data protection with Self Encrypting Drive (SED) AES-256 technology, unique ID with TPM and is compatible with Cloud CA formats and many other security protocols within the entire IIoT ecosystem.



vtEdge includes storage optimization, rules-based processing and content-based processing. These features enable you to do: data reduction / pruning, endurance optimization, control storage usage and manage bandwidth control.


vtView enables you to analyze/predict storage life based on real usage, monitor secure operation and perform secure erases from the cloud. vtView-IES lets you manage device life cycles, provisioning and activation. It includes a custom API to integrate with your own software apps. vtView is compatible with AWS and Azure.