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The Striking Contrast Between IoT and IIoT SSDs

A shift is underway in data storage for Industrial IoT (IIoT) designs—away from traditional approaches, and toward full, integrated solutions dedicated to storing, computing, controlling, connecting, and protecting critical information. These solutions address needs... read more

Virtium Doubles Top Capacity of DDR4 Memory Modules

Very-Low-Profile RDIMM, Mini-RDIMM Modules Now Industry-High 64GB; 
Virtium SODIMM DDR4 Now 32GB RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. – Dec. 13, 2016 – Virtium, a leading solutions-driven provider of industrial solid state drive (SSD) and memory products, today announced... read more

CompactFlash Lives!

We all remember those CompactFlash (CF) cards that came with our digital cameras.  Well, in the industrial-embedded world, CF storage is a whole different animal.  Rugged, industrial-grade CF is still a perfect format for many industrial-embedded applications, across... read more

Three Virtium Products Are Finalists for ECN IMPACT Awards

ECN Magazine just announced the finalists in its 2016 IMPACT Awards, and Virtium has three products among them.  They are: our StorFly XE Class SSD family — high-endurance drives combining the top advantages of SLC and MLC flash; our M.2 and Mini Card PCIe SSDs,... read more

Virtium Flies Higher with Compliance to Aerospace Standards

The aerospace industry continues to expand dramatically and has become an increasingly significant part of Virtium’s business.  Our customers in aerospace are understandably demanding and exacting in their needs for powerful, secure and reliable solid-state storage... read more

“In SSDs We Trust” Virtium Article on

In SSDs We Trust. Solid-state storage is everywhere, yet SSDs too often are thrown into applications that require more than the garden-variety drives used in consumer electronics.  So, that raises the question:  How much trust do you place in your embedded... read more