TuffDrive® Embedded USB and CompactFlash

Virtium TuffDrive® SSDs are ideal solutions for embedded and industrial applications that require a modest amount of storage and utilize Altera, Cavium, Freescale, Renesas, Xilinx or other chipsets that may not have an integrated SATA interface.  TuffDrive® eUSB 10-pin modules and eUSB keys are gaining traction in networking and blade applications and CompactFlash has been widely deployed both as a PCMCIA I/O or memory device or as a PATA SSD.


TuffDrive® eUSB TuffDrive® eUSB Keys TuffDrive® CF
 10-pin eUSB eUSB Keys Virtium TuffDrive® CF
10-pin eUSB eUSB Keys CompactFlash

High Reliability – With an emphasis toward high-reliability, our industrial-grade storage solutions are engineered with performance features to fit the embedded application environment. 

Tailored Workload Performance – Virtium gives OEMs product differentiation by providing specific storage solutions that match an application’s reliability, performance and power requirements.

Multi-Year Life Cycle — Virtium’s innovative SSD technology and strategic partnerships with industry-leading non-volatile media suppliers enables us to keep products available for years instead of months, reduce qualifications costs and production interruptions.