StorFly® – SATA Embedded SSD

SATA 3G embedded SSD

Virtium designed its four classes of StorFly® SATA embedded SSDs to match 
virtually any embedded system workload requirement. StorFly® CE class products are designed for digital signage, automotive infotainment and other embedded applications that are “write seldom, read many.” StorFly® RE is optimized for higher reliability embedded applications such as networking appliances or industrial computing. StorFly® XE is an ideal alternative to SLC SSDs in industrial automation or central office switches because of its high endurance and -40° to +85°C operating temperature capabilities. And StorFly® PE is Virtium’s highest performing embedded SSD with endurance of up to 270 GB/day for ten years.

StorFly® CE, RE, XE and PE SSDs allow embedded system OEMs to define the optimal trade-off of endurance, performance, capacity and operating temperature versus cost and longevity. To find out “what makes an embedded SSD an embedded SSD,” read the Virtium Storage and Memory blog:

Product Brief

StorFly® 25 StorFly® 18 StorFly® 200 StorFly® 300 StorFly® CFast
StorFly 200 – Slim SATA  

StorFly 300 – mSATA

2.5″ SATA 1.8″ SATA Slim SATA mSATA CFast

Virtium’s state-of-the-art SSD design center has an experienced team of firmware, hardware and test engineers that is focused on solid-state storage development and in-depth characterization of Virtium SSDs applied to varying embedded workloads.  This advanced R&D center allows our customers to have access to cost-effective and innovative SSD technology.