Why Virtium?

Virtium has earned its leadership position by continuously innovating storage and memory technologies to match the dynamic requirements of embedded systems while providing superior customer service and technical support.

At first glance, all storage and memory suppliers appear to be very similar – and the list seems to grow longer every day.  Leading storage and memory companies are defined as those that are the first to integrate new technologies and offer them in standards-based form factors.  However, there is more to selecting a partner than simply finding one that can successfully implement the latest interfaces and standards.

Fortune 500 OEMs choose Virtium for their storage and memory needs because of our: 
Embedded market focus embedded storage and memory is all we do
Long product life cycles we are FILOFIRST IN with new solutions and LAST OUT for legacy product
Intellectual property we deliver SSD firmware and characterization for embedded workloads
Innovation we fill product GAPs our competition can’t – or won’t – offer
Unparalleled support we send an FAE with every qualification – support from design-in to project end
World-class manufacturing we offer best-in-class, quick turn products with guaranteed on-time delivery

When all the benefits of standards-based storage and memory technologies, world-class quality, outstanding technical support and the industry’s longest product life cycles are considered, embedded systems OEMs select Virtium every time.