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StorFly SATA and PCIe solid state storage solutions are ideal for heavy-duty industrial embedded applications that include boot drives, data logging, caching and backup.

TuffDrive eUSB, Compact Flash and PATA solid state drives are ideal for heavy-duty networking and embedded applications that require a modest amount of storage for non-SATA designs.



Industrial grade SDRAM memory in all popular formats and form factors – featuring industry-leading designs and special build for extreme environments.

Formats include: DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, DDR and SDRAM.

Form factors include: SODIMM, Mini-UDIMM and Mini-RDIMM in ULP and VLP heights.

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Taking Measure on SSD Integrity

Anyone following the storage-industry news lately has observed there’s attention on SSD speeds, capacities, form factors, and other commonly referenced metrics. Those characteristics are all well and good for many applications in which data isn’t generally considered... read more